Our warranty policy helps you stay covered in case of defects in material, design and workmanship after purchase of the product. Upon purchasing a product, you will be able to see the applicable warranty for that specific product on its page.

If your item is eligible for warranty, you will be able to raise the warranty request through the claims@meazlux.com. Our team shall contact you within 24 hours for claim validation and troubleshooting. If the issue is still unresolved, we will instruct you how to return your defective item.

Note: For electronic devices that have your personal data stored, kindly back up all your data and remove all the passwords.

Repair time:

After the vendor receives your item, it will be inspected, and validated under warranty. If the defect is covered by the warranty, we will inform you about estimated time for you item getting repaired or replaced. Kindly note that repairing or replacing the item is sole policy of the vendor and Meazlux has no influence on vendors decision.


If your item is under warranty and the issue is eligible to be covered under the same (approved by the vendor), the repair or replacement will be free of charge.

If your item can’t be repaired and replacement is not available, you will receive a credit note which you can use to shop for the same amount on our website

If the problem is not covered by the warranty, or if the warranty has been voided ,you will be contacted by our support team with a quote for your approval. In case if you wish not to proceed with the repair, the item will be returned back to you.

Repair status:

Our support team will update you on your repair status or any updates that is important for you to be notified. In case if you need to have more information, you can always contact our support team via contact page with subject of “Repair Status” followed by your order number.

Warranty policy:

  • Please note that we are following vendors warranty policies for all products. You can find out about the warranty information from warranty card that included in your item box.
  • Not all products are covered by the warranty, always check the product listing to know if it includes warranty benefits.
  • Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide right to extension or renewal of the warranty period.
  • The time required to obtain device information or customer approval is not included within the Turn Around Time (TAT) of the repair process.
  • The customer confirms that all information provided during the warranty claim is correct.
  • The warranty will not be covered under the below conditions:
    • Defect or damage is the result of the customer misuse and non-abidance by the instructions for use.
    • Liquid spill on the product.
    • Product having un-authorized repairs.
  • The customer shall ensure that the item is packed in its original box or wrapped safely to avoid any damage during transit. If the packaging is not done safely which leads to damage, MeazLux will not be responsible for the same and the claimed item will be returned to the customer without servicing.